15 May 2024

Late-night talk show host Seth Meyers has been making audiences laugh for years with his witty commentary on current events. From politics to pop culture, Meyers has a knack for finding the humor in the news of the day. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how news delights Seth Meyers and why his unique perspective on the world is so popular with viewers.

The Importance of News in Comedy

For comedians like Seth Meyers, staying up-to-date on current events is essential. The news provides a wealth of material for comedians to mine for jokes and commentary. Meyers has made a name for himself by taking a deep dive into the news of the day and finding the absurdity in it all.

One of the reasons that Meyers is so successful at this is his background in journalism. Before becoming a comedian, Meyers worked as a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segment. This experience gave him a unique perspective on how to approach the news in a comedic way.

The Trump Presidency

One of the biggest news stories of the past few years has been the presidency of Donald Trump. Meyers has been particularly adept at finding the humor in Trump’s often outrageous statements and actions. He has devoted entire segments of his show to dissecting Trump’s tweets and speeches, often with hilarious results.

Meyers has also been critical of Trump’s policies, particularly when it comes to issues like immigration and healthcare. However, he manages to find the humor in even the most serious topics, which is part of what makes his commentary so effective.

The Me Too Movement

Another major news story that has dominated headlines in recent years is the Me Too movement. This movement, which began as a way for women to speak out about sexual harassment and assault, has had a profound impact on society as a whole.

Meyers has been a vocal supporter of the Me Too movement, using his platform to amplify the voices of women who have been victims of harassment and assault. He has also used his comedy to call out men who have been accused of these crimes, often with scathing results.

The COVID-19 Pandemic

Of course, no discussion of current events would be complete without mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic. This global health crisis has had a profound impact on every aspect of life, from work to school to socializing.

Meyers has been covering the pandemic on his show since it began, providing viewers with important information about how to stay safe and healthy. He has also found ways to inject humor into the situation, such as by creating segments like “Quarantine Cooking” and “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell From Home.”


Seth Meyers is one of the most talented comedians working today, and his ability to find the humor in the news is a big part of his success. Whether he’s dissecting the latest Trump tweet or calling out powerful men for their misdeeds, Meyers always manages to find a way to make his audience laugh.

By staying up-to-date on current events and approaching them with a unique perspective, Meyers has become one of the most important voices in comedy today. As long as there’s news to be found, you can bet that Meyers will be there to make us laugh about it.

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