12 April 2024
Fresh Coat Painters Reviews

When it comes to painting your home or business, it’s important to choose a reliable and professional painting service. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which company to trust. This is where Fresh Coat Painters comes in. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Fresh Coat Painters reviews and what sets them apart from other painting services.

What is Fresh Coat Painters?

Fresh Coat Painters is a national painting company that offers residential and commercial painting services. They have been in business since 2004 and have over 100 locations across the United States. Their mission is to provide high-quality painting services with a focus on customer satisfaction.

What sets Fresh Coat Painters apart?

One of the things that sets Fresh Coat Painters apart from other painting services is their commitment to customer service. They offer a 3-3-3 customer service pledge, which means they will respond to customer inquiries within three minutes, provide a quote within three days, and start the project within three weeks.

Another thing that sets Fresh Coat Painters apart is their use of eco-friendly painting products. They offer low-VOC and zero-VOC paints, which are better for the environment and for the health of those who live or work in the painted space.

What do customers say about Fresh Coat Painters?

When it comes to choosing a painting service, it’s important to read reviews from past customers. Fresh Coat Painters has received many positive reviews from satisfied customers. One customer wrote, “The team at Fresh Coat Painters did an amazing job painting our home. They were professional, courteous, and completed the project on time and within budget.”

Another customer praised Fresh Coat Painters for their attention to detail, saying, “The painters were meticulous in their work and made sure everything was perfect before they left. I would highly recommend Fresh Coat Painters to anyone looking for a reliable and professional painting service.”

What services does Fresh Coat Painters offer?

Fresh Coat Painters offers a wide range of painting services for both residential and commercial properties. Their services include interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet painting, deck staining, and more. They also offer color consultations to help customers choose the perfect color for their space.

How does the Fresh Coat Painters process work?

The Fresh Coat Painters process begins with a free consultation and estimate. Once the customer approves the estimate, the painting team will schedule a time to start the project. During the project, the team will prepare the surfaces to be painted, apply the paint, and clean up the area once the project is complete.

What is the pricing for Fresh Coat Painters?

The pricing for Fresh Coat Painters varies depending on the size and scope of the project. They offer competitive pricing and will provide a detailed estimate before starting any work. Customers can also take advantage of their financing options to make the project more affordable.

How can I schedule a painting project with Fresh Coat Painters?

Scheduling a painting project with Fresh Coat Painters is easy. Customers can visit their website to request a free consultation and estimate. They can also call their toll-free number to speak with a representative and schedule a consultation.

What should I expect during the painting process?

During the painting process, customers can expect a professional and courteous team of painters who will treat their property with respect. The team will communicate with the customer throughout the project to ensure their satisfaction. Once the project is complete, the team will clean up the area and leave it looking better than when they arrived.

What is Fresh Coat Painters’ guarantee?

Fresh Coat Painters offers a satisfaction guarantee on all of their painting services. If the customer is not satisfied with the work, they will work to make it right. They also offer a two-year warranty on their workmanship, so customers can have peace of mind knowing their paint job will last.


In conclusion, Fresh Coat Painters is a reliable and professional painting service that offers a wide range of services for both residential and commercial properties. With their commitment to customer service, eco-friendly products, and competitive pricing, they are a top choice for anyone looking to paint their home or business. Don’t just take our word for it, read the Fresh Coat Painters reviews and see for yourself why they are a trusted name in the painting industry.

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