15 June 2024
Building a Successful Career

In the world of sports and entertainment, Meka White Morris has made a name for herself as a dynamic and influential figure. Recently appointed as the Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer of the Minnesota Twins, Morris brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her newly-created position. With a background in sports and a track record of success, she is poised to lead the Twins to new heights in terms of revenue generation and overall growth. This article will delve into Morris’s background, her accomplishments, and her vision for the future of the Minnesota Twins.

Building a Successful Career

Meka White Morris’s journey to becoming a prominent figure in the sports industry has been shaped by her passion for athletics and her determination to succeed. As a former college track athlete, she understands the dedication and hard work required to excel in the world of sports. Her drive and ambition have propelled her to secure deals with several NFL teams while working for a global payment company[. This experience has given her valuable insights into the business side of sports and has prepared her for the challenges she faces in her new role with the Minnesota Twins.

A Vision for Revenue Growth

One of Morris’s primary responsibilities as the Chief Revenue Officer of the Minnesota Twins is to drive revenue growth for the organization. With her extensive background in sports and entertainment, she is well-equipped to tackle this task. Morris has already made significant strides in increasing revenue for the Twins, with the team making over $260 million in the last two seasons. This is a substantial improvement from the $111 million generated during the pandemic-hit year of 2020[5]. However, Morris has set her sights even higher, aiming to surpass the team’s record revenue of $297 million achieved in 2019. Her strategic vision and innovative approach to revenue generation make her an invaluable asset to the Twins organization.

Breaking New Ground with Tappit Technologies

In addition to her role with the Minnesota Twins, Meka White Morris is also involved with Tappit Technologies, a UK-based mobile solutions company that is making waves in the American sports market. Morris’s involvement with Tappit Technologies showcases her ability to identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the industry. As a builder and innovator, she is at the forefront of leveraging technology to enhance the fan experience and drive revenue growth. Her partnership with Tappit Technologies exemplifies her commitment to staying ahead of the curve and embracing new possibilities in the ever-evolving sports landscape.


Meka White Morris’s appointment as the Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer of the Minnesota Twins marks a significant milestone in her already impressive career. With her extensive experience in sports and entertainment, Morris is well-positioned to lead the Twins to new heights in terms of revenue generation and overall growth. Her vision, strategic thinking, and innovative approach make her a valuable asset to the organization. As she continues to build upon her successes and break new ground in the industry, Morris is poised to leave a lasting impact on the Minnesota Twins and the world of sports.

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