16 May 2024
AA20 Discount Phone Number: Unlocking Savings for American Airlines Employees

American Airlines is known for its commitment to providing exceptional service to its employees. One of the many perks that American Airlines employees enjoy is the AA20 discount, which allows them and their eligible family members to fly at a discounted rate. This article will explore the details of the AA20 discount and how employees can take advantage of this benefit by calling the AA20 discount phone number.

Understanding the AA20 Discount

The AA20 discount is a special offer provided exclusively to American Airlines employees and their eligible family members. This discount allows them to enjoy significant savings on their airfare when traveling with American Airlines [4]. Employees can now redeem ‘web special’ awards at a 20% discount, and they also receive a refund for checked bag fees [4]. This mirrors their ability to buy paid American Airlines travel at a 20% discount with the added benefit of waived bag fees [4]. Essentially, American’s web specials are ‘miles as money’ awards that do not earn miles [4].

How to Book with the AA20 Discount

To take advantage of the AA20 discount, employees need to call the AA20 discount phone number, which is 1-888-WE-FLY-AA (1-888-933-5922) [1][2][3]. When calling this number, employees should have their desired flight number(s) ready, and an agent will assist them in booking their AA20 ticket [1][2][3]. If the travel is within seven days, employees should determine the itinerary they want and call the same number for booking, pricing, and purchasing assistance [1][2][3].

 Benefits of the AA20 Discount

The AA20 discount provides American Airlines employees and their families with the opportunity to travel at a reduced cost. By utilizing this discount, employees can save a significant amount of money on their airfare, allowing them to explore new destinations or visit loved ones more frequently. Additionally, the AA20 discount also includes a refund for checked bag fees, further enhancing the savings for employees [4].

 Employee Testimonials

Many American Airlines employees have expressed their appreciation for the AA20 discount. Glassdoor, a popular job review website, features anonymous reports from American Airlines employees who mention the employee discount as one of the benefits they value [5]. These testimonials highlight the positive impact that the AA20 discount has on employees’ ability to travel and create lasting memories with their families.


The AA20 discount is a valuable benefit offered to American Airlines employees and their eligible family members. By calling the AA20 discount phone number, employees can unlock significant savings on airfare and enjoy a refund for checked bag fees. This benefit not only allows employees to travel more affordably but also strengthens their connection with loved ones and creates memorable experiences. American Airlines continues to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of its employees by providing them with exclusive perks like the AA20 discount.

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