21 May 2024
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Craft Ventures, a prominent venture capital firm, has recently announced the successful closure of its third fund, 20m Craft Ventures III, with a total capital commitment of $750 million. Led by David Sacks, the former COO of PayPal and founder of Yammer, the firm aims to support early-stage startups across various industries. This latest fundraise demonstrates the confidence and trust that limited partners have in Craft Ventures’ investment strategy and its ability to identify and nurture promising companies. In this article, we will delve into the details of Craft Ventures’ recent fundraise and explore the potential impact it may have on the startup ecosystem.

Investing in the future: The vision behind 20m Craft Ventures III

Craft Ventures’ latest fundraise is a testament to its commitment to investing in the future. With a focus on early-stage investments, the firm aims to identify and support innovative startups that have the potential to disrupt industries and drive significant growth. The $750 million capital commitment will provide Craft Ventures with the necessary resources to back promising entrepreneurs and help them navigate the challenges of scaling their businesses.

Craft Ventures’ investment strategy revolves around partnering with exceptional founders who are building companies that can redefine markets. By providing not only financial support but also strategic guidance and operational expertise, Craft Ventures aims to create long-term value for its portfolio companies. The firm’s track record of successful investments, including companies like Bird, SpaceX, and Slack, further reinforces its ability to identify and nurture high-potential startups.

Expanding the portfolio: Diversification across industries

Craft Ventures’ latest fundraise will enable the firm to expand its portfolio across a wide range of industries. While the firm has traditionally focused on sectors such as SaaS, fintech, and marketplaces, it is now looking to diversify its investments further. This diversification strategy reflects Craft Ventures’ belief in the potential for innovation and disruption in various sectors.

The firm’s investment thesis is centered around identifying companies that leverage technology to solve real-world problems and create value for customers. Craft Ventures’ portfolio includes companies like BetterUp, a platform for professional coaching, and OpenSea, a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By investing in companies across different industries, Craft Ventures aims to capitalize on emerging trends and unlock new opportunities for growth.

The power of network: Craft Ventures’ value-add approach

Craft Ventures differentiates itself from other venture capital firms through its value-add approach. In addition to providing capital, the firm leverages its extensive network and industry expertise to support its portfolio companies. Craft Ventures’ team, which includes seasoned entrepreneurs and operators, works closely with founders to help them navigate challenges, make strategic decisions, and accelerate growth.

Craft Ventures’ value-add approach extends beyond the initial investment stage. The firm actively supports its portfolio companies throughout their journey, providing guidance on areas such as product development, go-to-market strategy, and talent acquisition. This hands-on approach has proven to be instrumental in the success of many of Craft Ventures’ portfolio companies, enabling them to achieve significant milestones and attract follow-on investments.

Implications for the startup ecosystem: Fueling innovation and growth

Craft Ventures’ latest fundraise has significant implications for the broader startup ecosystem. The firm’s increased capital base will provide more opportunities for early-stage startups to secure funding and access the resources needed to scale their businesses. This influx of capital can fuel innovation, drive job creation, and stimulate economic growth.

Furthermore, Craft Ventures’ focus on supporting founders who are building companies with the potential to disrupt industries can have a ripple effect across the startup ecosystem. By backing visionary entrepreneurs and providing them with the necessary support, Craft Ventures is helping to create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. This, in turn, can inspire and motivate other founders to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, ultimately leading to a more vibrant and dynamic startup ecosystem.


Craft Ventures’ successful closure of 20m Craft Ventures III with a capital commitment of $750 million underscores the firm’s commitment to investing in the future. With a value-add approach and a diverse portfolio spanning various industries, Craft Ventures aims to support early-stage startups and help them navigate the challenges of scaling their businesses. The implications of this latest fundraise extend beyond the firm itself, as it has the potential to fuel innovation, drive economic growth, and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. As Craft Ventures continues to identify and nurture promising companies, the startup ecosystem can expect to witness the positive impact of its investments.

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